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We have a number of freifunk node in and around the space. Here are some details on them.


The Freifunk node at the space.

  • TP-Link TL-WR841N v9
    • Restarted via a plugin timer once a day
    • Labeled "makemunich-opportunity"
    • Located on the shelve above the distribution panel, alongside our VDSL modem
  • Status on the FF Muc map
  • Detailed stats


Freifunk node in the Halle6 building across the street, located in the Laborbüros, but servicing the othe side of the building, which has the name "Labor Ateliers" written on it (hence the name of the node)


Attention Attention: Outdated information Attention
The section below is outdated and needs some updating.

Severin's installed some Freifunk nodes to bring wifi coverage to some parts of the Kreativlabor.

Shopping List

  • 4x TP-Link CPE210


We need uplink connectivity and power at the nodes. Unsure where we can get that from. Worst case we have to lay cables all the way to the lab (roughly 100m).

  • Network cable
    • Do we need "outdoor" cable?
    • Normal Cat6 cable, shielded: [1] ~37€ / 100m
    • Outdoor cable unshielded: [2] ~50€ / 100m
    • Outdoor cable shielded [3] ~140€ / 100m
    • Ubiquity Touch Cable [4] 130€ / 300m
  • Power Cable


  • Futro S550 as VPN Offloader
    • Only one NIC
    • WAN on "VLAN 1", FF Client Network on VLAN 10
  • 2 CPE210
    • ff-kq-ap01 - - Channel 1
    • ff-kq-ap02 - - Channel 6
    • Managment on VLAN 1
    • WiFi: with VLAN 10
  • Smart Switch (8 Port)
    • ff-kq-sw01 -