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Freifunk @ the space

We have a Freifunk node at the space. It's running on a TP-Link TL-WR841N. It tends to break down every once in a while, so it get's restarted every night automatically.

Freifunk @ Kreativquartier

Severin's planning to install some Freifunk nodes to bring wifi coverage to some parts of the Kreativlabor.

Shopping List

  • 4x TP-Link CPE210


We need uplink connectivity and power at the nodes. Unsure where we can get that from. Worst case we have to lay cables all the way to the lab (roughly 100m).

  • Network cable
    • Do we need "outdoor" cable?
    • Normal Cat6 cable, shielded: [1] ~37€ / 100m
    • Outdoor cable unshielded: [2] ~50€ / 100m
    • Outdoor cable shielded [3] ~140€ / 100m
    • Ubiquity Touch Cable [4] 130€ / 300m
  • Power Cable