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Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description Building our own nice looking keyboard in two more or less ergonomic pieces
Author(s)  Uli (Tamás & Uli)
Last Version  0.0.1 (11.07.2019)
Platform  QMK
License  MIT License


This keyboard is the result of frustration of not getting the keyboard we want because it was either too expensive or not available or both. So we decided on building our own. Since we couldn't find an open source layout for the very much desired orhtolinear "Preonic" from OLKB, we found the Ergo Dash to start with since the PCB designs are available under MIT license. Probably inspired by the ErgoDoxEz, the ErgoDash is an open source project and can be found here

Other custom keyboard layouts and manufacturers can be found here:

 - Ergodox EZ
 - Planck EZ


Order list:


The case consists of 3 parts:

- top layer (between actual switches and PCB
- bottom layer (lower side of PCB)
- microcontroller panel (covers the arduino and TRRS connector)


Some design choices should best be made before making the case

- single (1U) or double (2U) thumb switches

pretty good description can be found here:


not flashed neither

firmware can be found here: