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Our workshop should have a dust collection system for woodworking.

A fixed system should be in place which has a couple of outlets with blast gates and flex hoses to connect wood working power tools as needed.

Since we only have machines with small extraction outlets < 60mm the large (4 inch / 100mm) dust collector is not feasable for them. It might howewer be used for the CNC machines.

Find a cheap, used shop vac with automatic switch on. Or build own housing for an vacuume motor with an automatic switch. (https://www.amazon.de/Eltako-4825410-AR12DX-230V-Stromrelais/dp/B001BBZVU6/ref=sr_1_25?keywords=Einschaltautomatik&qid=1577803443&sr=8-25)

Connect vaccum to a zyklon dust seperator. Run some pipes from the zyklon to 1 or 2 wall plugs where a flex hose can be connected (https://www.amazon.de/Original-K%C3%A4rcher-Universal-Schlauchkupplung-Plus-Staubbeutel-Profi%C2%AE/dp/B07254F29R/)