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Donating Money

Our makerspace is a registered non-profit and we have to pay for the premises and all the stuff that is necessary to run a makerspace.
Donating any amount is appreciated.

Munich Maker Lab e.V. 
IBAN: DE25701500001003311071 
Bank: Stadtsparkasse München

Donating Things

You have stuff that you don't need anymore? Some of the stuff might indeed be of interest for us!
Please note: Small things can just be brought to the space and left in the free2use area. Anything bigger than a
member storage box needs a plenum approval - just get in touch with us and we will provide you with the details.

Donating Time

As every social club we are looking forward to people helping evolving the space. It starts with simple actions such as cleaning up, refilling the fridge, running the BBQ, touring people on Thursday... if you want to help, either just do it or if you are unsure, just talk to another member!