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DC consume01

Release status: beta [box doku]

Description 12V power meter and distribution box
Author(s)  Severin
Last Version  0.1

A 12V power meter and distribution unit.

  • Input: 12V via speakon connector
  • Output: 12V via 3 car "lighter" sockets
  • Power metering: GC90 power meter

Power meter

The GC90 power meter can deal with up to 100V DC at 20A. It also has a TTL port via USB connector.


  • Add fuses
    • These resettable fuses can deal with up to 48V (depending on the rating, some only with lower voltages): Reichelt
    • Bigger DC fuses are available here at solarbag (probably not for this part of the setup though)
  • Option for 48V -> 12V converter
  • additional connectors, like USB, USB-C, passive PoE...


We want to transmit voltage/current/power usage via LoRaWAN. The power meter can output that data via its TTL USB port.

First test with a ProMini LoRaWAN node and a level shifter