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This page is intended to organize a small MuMaLab village at the Chaos Communication Camp 2019

general info

  • date: 21.8. - 25.8.2019
  • location: 53.03061, 13.30963
  • slack channel: #cccamp2019

Who is joining?

Name Arrival Departure How to get there Ticket Space Needed Notes DECT
Paul 15.8. Car ticket ok 3mx3m tent PAUL (7285)
Nico 18.08.-19.08. 25.08. Car - can bring limited amount of goods but no people (two seated car) Ordered
Cecile+1 21.08. 25.08. Car - no capacity Confirmed large tent (probably)
Severin ? ? Makervan - some capacity Payment confirmed 5x2.5m for the van if that works out
Uli 21.08. 25.08. Train or car - limited capacity Payment confirmed 2p tent 3mx3m
Chris K + Olli K (4,5yo) ? 24.08. car (might take 1 person + luggage. Maybe 2?) Ticket OK 4p tent 5x3m
David unclear yet probably 25.08 Train or in someone else's (Severin's?) car Payment confirmed 3mx3m tent
Andreas depends on vacation depends on vacation Car, but direction quite unknown Payment confirmed Place for a tent, might be a bigger one none
Andreas (FabLab) +1 21.8. (?) 25.8. not sure yet Ticket OK One tent none
Hakan (FabLab) ? ? ? ? One tent none


  • a place to cook
  • less crowded then the k. bayrisches Amtsvillage

what we need

stuff we can probably just take from the space

  • basic cooking equipment
  • A small table to be our kitchen
  • power distribution and a long cable
  • long ethernet cable + switch
  • Tables and benches
    • Two "Biertisch-Garnituren" from the space
    • Can bring one camping table (70x70) and might be able to organise a Biertisch-Garnitur (standard length) --Uli
  • Camping (gas) stove
    • Electricity comes from the generators, we should go for gas. I got one decent gas burner I can bring --Tiefpunkt (talk) 09:21, 17 May 2019 (CEST)
    • Uli can also bring a gas camping stove with two flames if needed
    • Nico can also bring a gas stove if needed
  • pots and pans
  • Fridge or at least a cooling box
  • Sound system?!
  • blinky lights!

stuff to buy

  • a community tent - how much space do we need?

stuff to show/projects we bring


There is a voucher system. Please ask in slack / at the next meetup.