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*Sebastian Loh
*Sebastian Loh

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This page is intended to organize a small MuMaLab village at the Chaos Communication Camp 2019

general info

  • date: 21.8. - 25.8.2019
  • location: 53.03061, 13.30963
  • slack channel: #cccamp2019


  • a place to cook
  • less crowded then the k. bayrisches Amtsvillage

what we need

stuff we can probably just take from the space

  • basic cooking equipment
  • A small table to be our kitchen
  • power distribution and a long cable
  • long ethernet cable + switch
  • Tables and benches
  • Induction or gas oven
  • pots and pans
  • Fridge or at least a cooling box
  • Sound system?!
  • blinky lights!

stuff to buy

  • a tent

stuff to show/projects we bring


Who will be there and how and when will they get there?

  • Paul, probably by train, ~day-2, no transport capacity
  • Nico (if I get vacation), day -3, most probably lots of space
  • Cecile / Sebastian, 21-25.8., twingo (probably no transport capacity)


There will most likely be a voucher system this year and as soon as more details are available we will try to get a voucher.

Please add yourself if you want the voucher:

  • Nico
  • Andreas
  • Cecile
  • Sebastian Loh
  • Paul