Assortment System

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Assortment System (Workshop)

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description A simple storage solution for the workshop
Author(s)  German, Meier, ...

The problem

Lot's of individual items rolling around in sub-optimal storage containers in the workshop shelves and drawers. There are many solutions, but they are usually not cross-compatible.

The Assortment System

Alexandre Chappel (maker on YouTube) has designed a 3d-printable storage system for his workshop and is selling the plans relatively cheap. They consist of a base-grid and storage containers, including specialized ones for tools and sandpaper. The lab has purchased the files so we can 3D print our own storage containers. The upside: You have full flexibility, the ability to add-on your own storage solutions and can get spare parts or additional containers 10 years later.

The files

The files are stored on \\mumashare\userfiles\projects\assortment-system so you can print additional stuff :-)


We are using UHU Allplast to combine the grids and storage containers that cannot be printed as one part.