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Attention.png You are visiting an old member project. The information found on "Quantify My Ride" might be out of date.
Quantified Car

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description Data dathering (not-so) black box for you car.
Author(s)  tiefpunkt

Quanitfy your car. There's a lot of data being collected automatically in modern cars already, and the plan is to gather that data, and make it useful (maybe).

Data Sources


OBD stands for On-Board diagnostics [1]. It should allow us to gather a lot of information via a standarized format, called OBD-2, or EOBD (the European equivalent). There are OBD-2 connectors in most modern cars, and adapters for bluetooth or USB readily available.

I have a OBD-2 bluetooth adapter, and a OBD-2 USB cable now. Both work, but I use the USB cable because it's easier to connect.

List of OBD PIDs [2] has all possible values we could get from the car, not all are implemented in all cars though.


With a GPS receiver, we can link the data we gather to a specific location.


Add a camera?



  • Raspberry Pi
  • OBD-2 adapter (bluetooth? USB?)
  • Wifi -> upload data, via tethering or when at home near to a known access point
  • GPS adapter
    • Cheap GPS from miniPCI cards [3]
  • blink(1) or RZLblink as status LED
  • WebCam as Dashcam ?
  • Powersupply ???

Rev. 1

  • Old netbook
  • Car power supply
  • OBD-2 USB cable


I forked pyobdlib by markembling, fixed some stuff, and then wrote a logger around it (not yet on github) that spits out a CSV file with some of the more interesting values (for my car).


First real test when driving from Munich to Stuttgart. Gathered some data[4]. Used Rev.1 Hardware and simple csv logger. Logger broke down during a short stop when the motor was turned of. Was an issue with pyobdlib. Should be fixable. GPS should be one of the next priorities.