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Fastfood Remotes

Release status: beta [box doku]

Description Remote controls for random things in the space
Author(s)  JanS, Severin

We got a few RF remote controls from a big fastfood chain. The receivers have serial outputs which output button presses as single bytes.

Button Mappings

Current functions of the buttons on the remotes:

Remote A

Toggle Space Lights Turn on red rotating light
Toggle Common Space Lights -
Toggle Lights infront of projection wall Turn off red rotating light

Remote B

MPD toggle play/pause X32 vol up
MPD next X32 vol down
- -

Remote C

Traffic light Green ON Traffic light Green OFF
Traffic light Yellow ON Traffic light Yellow OFF
Traffic light Red ON Traffic light Red OFF


Severin wrote a python script that takes the button presses sent by the receiver over its serial connection, and parses them. It maps the bytes to the buttons on the remotes, and sends them to our MQTT broker.

Currently, three remotes are registered with the receiver. They are marked with stickers as A, B, and C, and their buttons are numbered from 0 to 5. The script sends the ID of the button (e.g. "B3") to mumalab/mccafe/1/buttonpress. Further actions are then defined in our "Automation Layer" (currently a Node-Red installation).

The script currently runs on the PrinterBot machine, which the receiver is connected to.