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This page is intended to organize a small MuMaLab village at the Chaos Communication Camp 2019

general info

  • date: 21.8. - 25.8.2019
  • location: 53.03061, 13.30963
  • slack channel: #cccamp2019

Who is joining?

Name Arrival Departure How to get there Ticket Space Needed Notes DECT Food (breakfast/dinner)
Paul+1 16.8. 27.8. Car ticket ok 3mx3m tent PAUL (7285)
Nico 19.08. 25.08. Car - can bring limited amount of goods but no people (two seated car) Ordered
Cecile+1 21.08. 25.08. Car - no capacity Confirmed no/yes
Severin 19.08. ? Makervan - some capacity Payment confirmed van is going to be in the caravan area :( But will need some space for solar gear TIEF (8433) yes/yes
Uli 20.08. 25.08. with Peter F Ticket OK 2p tent 3mx3m ULIB (8542) yes/yes
Chris K + Olli K (4,5yo) 20. 24.08. car (might take 1 person + luggage) Ticket OK will stay at kidsspace KALL (5255) no/no
David 19.08. 25.08 Makervan Payment confirmed 3mx3m tent DMT0 (3680) yes/yes
Peter F 20.8. probably 25.08 Car, taking Olivia - can transport lots of stuff Payment confirmed large tent NR11 (6711) yes
Olivia 20.8. probably 25.8. Car, Peter Ticket OK One tent
Andreas depends on vacation depends on vacation Car, but direction quite unknown Payment confirmed Place for a tent, might be a bigger one none
Andreas (FabLab) + Simon 21.8. 25.8. Car; Andreas + Simon + Hakan, noch 1 Platz frei Ticket OK One tent no
Hakan (FabLab) 21.8. 25.8. with Andreas ? One tent



We're looking to do some communal eating for those who'd like to participate (sign up above in the list). There'll be breakfast and dinner, lunch might happen every once in a while maybe? Food will be vegetarian, and we should try to use stuff that doesn't need cooling as we don't have a fridge. If we manage to do some halfway decent planning, we could do some bulk shopping in advance so we don't need to go shopping during camp (as much...)


  • Bread
  • Cereals & fruits (e.g. with oatmilk that will not go off so fast without a fridge or limited cooling capabilities)
  • ???


  • Pasta with tomato vegetable sauce
  • Veggi Paela
  • Thai Curry (Nico bringt rote Thai curry paste)

Packing List

Stuff from the space

  • basic cooking equipment
    • 1-2 Pots and a pan
    • big laddle
    • spatula
  • Two "Biertisch-Garnituren"
  • Long network cables, switch?
  • One long extension cord
  • Multi sockets
  • Electronics lab gear
    • 2 Lab PSUs (the black one and the high voltage one?)
    • Soldering gear
    • Spare parts
  • Some Tools?
    • Drill?
  • Blue pavillion

Stuff from members

  • double flame gas stove + 6kg gas bottle (Uli)
  • Paela gas stove and Gas bottle (Peter)
  • Small backup stove + gas (Severin)
  • Camping Table (Uli)
  • Tent (Andreas)

Stuff everyone should bring themselves

  • Plate(s)
  • Cutlery
  • A cup
  • Projects

Still unclear

  • Fridge or at least a cooling box
    • I've got a small Thermo-Electric cooling box (Nico)
    • Small stuff can be stored at Darksystem village if needed which is just across the street (Nico)
  • Sound system?!
    • We can user German's battery box. It also comes with an amplifier and we can rent two stereo speakers (CRYPT) form the space. Pre-amp might be useful though...
    • JBL Wireless boxes (Peter) and slightly broken diy bluetooth speaker (Peter)
  • blinky lights!
    • more blinky lights!
  • Some (a ton of) neutral lights (Tarp will be dark)
  • Rope, cable ties, Tape, ... to hang lights and route cables
  • Carpets

Our projects