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Before using our printers, please attend the monthly introductory 3d printing workshop. You can register at https://tickets.mumalab.org/courses/.

3D printers

There's a number of 3D printers at the space:


  • Do not modify the printers in any way. Do not change the nozzles by yourself. Never flash any firmware.
  • If there is a problem or you need to do a nozzle change: Ask in the #3d_printinting channel on slack beforehand or ask someone from List of Contacts
  • Do not print unsupervised. Check on your print at least every half hour or so. We really want to avoid damage to the printers and the potential fire hazard.
  • Do not scrape with anything sharp on the build plates
  • Do not use anything other than isopropyl alcohol on the build plates
  • Do not print abrasive materials
  • Power off printers after use


The 3D printers are free to use, but please bring your own filament. We recommend you use original Prusament filament. The printers are provided with space funds and our own free time, so please clean up after yourself and notify someone (e.g. in Slack or at List of Contacts) if something goes wrong.


To get good results we recommend using PrusaSlicer (also see PrusaSlicer on our wiki).

Useful Resources

  • STL files can be found (for example) at Thingiverse, which has the most files but a somewhat bad search function, or at Printables by Prusa, which is a new and more fancy site.
  • STLFinder is a meta search engine. It mostly returns results from Thingiverse, but they are quite often better than those of Thingiverse's own search.
  • The YouTube channel CNCKitchen has very scientific and useful overviews on how slicing parameters affect the print, and much more.