3D Printing

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3D printers

There's a number of 3D printers at the space


Maintenance for the printers and the materials costs time and money. We provide that from our free time and the Lab funds. If you want to use the printers we have at the space it would be really nice if you provide a little donation in the 3d print donation box. We'll figure out some standard for pricing soon.

  • Current default price: 0,05€ per gram (there's a scale in the 3D printing shelf)
  • Some filament might be labeled differently, so please check in advance
  • When using someone's personal filament (again, check for labels), also check in advance


Most printers can be accessed using Octoprint.


To get good results we recommend using PrusaSlicer. We're theoretically providing a custom build, but it's a little out of date. You can, in the meantime, install PrusaSlicer yourself and use our config bundle.