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Who's interested in participating?
Who's interested in participating?
* Severin
* Severin
* Tobi

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Planning for 35C3, this years' chaos communication congress, in Leipzig.


We got a Chaos Voucher from MuCCC (thank you). Who wants it?


  • Uli (Voucher currently in use - payment in progress)
  • who is next?

Friends of members:

  • Roman (-> Nico)

Members have priority over friends!

If you've gotten the voucher, mark yourself off the list above, buy your ticket, and have the replicated one sent back to yourself or even better directly to the next person. Pay right away, otherwise you won't get the replicated voucher. Then look on the list above and send it to the next person on there.

Congress Everywhere

Some people may not go to congress, but still want to be part of the experience. Let's have a Congress Everywhere celebration at the space, with watching some talks, having some workshops/meetups, food, etc.

Who's interested in participating?

  • Severin
  • Tobi