20191124 Space move 2019

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Whats new?

  • Network & Internet Severin
    • Network cable is being routed for our internet connection - The router still needs a power socket though
    • One wall mounted network rack is being bought
    • Small server rack is being placed in the pit
    • Internet should be there within the next week
    • Both spaces have a network cable so we don't need a hard cut
  • Electricity Nico
    • Except for the CEE stuff all material is there and the plan for the outlets will be uploaded tomorrow
    • Seems like we only have 3 x 4sqmm cables in the new space - can't be more than 3 x 35AH
  • RecyclingCenter David
    • Nothing new - still need an assigned space
  • Storage Paul
    • Everything is well prepared except for the location of the bis storage boxes - there are still too many unknowns to plan that
    • We need to tell storage box owners to make the boxes transport ready (secure doors + contents, disconnect cables)
    • Tell all members to make sure that their boxes are stackable and not overflowing
    • Put member boxes onto EPALs
  • Gaming&Relax AdrianM
    • Pinball has moved in the floorplan rest should be fine for the moment
  • Electronics Paul and German
    • Not enough space in the floorplan - needs about one more meter which cuts into the space of the Laser-Room
    • Seems like the measurement in Fusion is wrong
    • Adrian will provide a size for the laser room to Nico
  • Workshop Bernhard
    • Rough layout is ready but he needs more measurements
    • Will plan the room - ETA Tuesday
  • Lasercutter Bernhard
    • Plotter will be placed in the room as well
    • There will be a foldable table
    • Pit air removal will be installed by Rene
  • 3D-Printing AdrianM
    • Automatic shutdown of the printers is being planned
  • Kitchen PeterM + Theresa
    • Current kitchen is being placed against the wall
    • A second cooking place is planned but we're not sure if we can deliver enough power
  • Community Annika
    • Still not clear what happens with the steel edge
    • Power not clear
    • We don't yet know which tables we need
    • Space between kitchen and electronics corner is not clear
    • Projector will project against a white wall next to the entrance
    • Plan with the projector doesn't work with the current storage layout
  • Door David

Worklog since last meeting

  • Shelf near door has been disassembled
  • Old electricity installation from the wood wall has been removed
  • Wood has been sorted and the less useful pieces have been prepared for disposal
  • One wall in the new space has been fully painted
  • 3D-Printer corner has been disassembled, two printers temporarily set-up in the gaming corner and everything else stored on a pallet
  • First round of sorting the free2use area has been done
  • Two storage containers near soldering corner have been sorted and cleaned out
  • Walls have been painted
  • Old workshop walls have been disassembled
  • Prepared internet from toilet hallway to new hall - half way done

ToDo by end of next week

  • Build the laser room (if we get the wood)
  • Build the workshop room
  • Fix the floor with self leveling concrete where needed
  • Paint the floor between the ramp and the kitchen
  • Clarify if we can remove the steel edge on the pit
  • Install power cables and connect them (two tasks)
  • Install Network cabling