20130410 Meetup

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19:30 Wirtshaus am Bavariapark Attendees: Severin, Vivid, Felix, Anna (and some invisible magical creatures). ---

  • What we need is more 'collaboration' rather than just space
  • Communicate openly!
  • Share your ideas then start talking with each other
  • Get people together first, encourage them to talk with each other
  • Backlog for next meeting:
  • Start Wikipage > Severin

  • And do your thang…
  • Add extra info on all current hackerspace (or any space) in Munich

  • URL, Address, Best time to visit, contact person (?)
  • Migrate some content to Wiki > Vivid

  • Adding info details, etc.
  • Send reminder to peeps to fill up the Google Doc >> Vivid/Severin
  • Anything else?